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Don’t like us? Do without us!
Think we are racists and haters? Do without us!
Think we are intolerant and biased? Do without us!
Think we are a disease and anti-Semitic? Do without us!
Believe we are unfair and stingy with the fruits of our culture? Do without us!

Don’t make excuses to…

The Big Joke..

"Is that your average Western small businessman spends his whole life paying taxes which go to support the continued breeding of low-I.Q. populations at home and abroad. And then he scrimps and saves to send his daughter to a *good* university where she’s taught that people like him are over-privileged, oppressive, misogynistic bastards, and "the cancer of history" to boot."

lol what

"We’re just saying what the community wants. We didn’t fight for a white male or female teacher to educate our babies," Crozier said.

France: Proposition Nation

One might think that a nation known as France might have a purpose, namely to be the homeland and stronghold of the people known as the French. But one would be wrong:

New legislation unveiled on Wednesday aims to shrink the bureaucratic hurdles foreigners who want to stay in France face and provide a glimmer of hope for asylum seekers languishing in limbo. But anyone wanting to get a ten-year visa would need to be able to read French. […]

Current Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told French paper Liberation that France “must remain a land of immigration and a land of asylum,” adding that “countries closed to the outside world are condemned to decline.”

So, if any of you, uh, French people thought that there was any chance that France would remain French, give it up. Because France is just another proposition nation, a nation whose borders which are just meaningless lines on a map - France must remain a land being swamped by non-European and non-Christian immigration and “asylum” - this latter now a word that means whatever those in power want it to mean.

Meanwhile, 70% of the French believe that France will submit to Islam. Wish I could say that I believe that they’re wrong, but since they’re not… embrace the diversity!

Marine Le Pen and her fellow party members have got their work cut out for them. France will not stave off its conversion into a Muslim state dominated by foreigners unless there’s a stiff change of spirit among the French, and who knows what will bring that about. 

On the other hand, I believe that a significant minority of Frenchmen will never accept Muslim domination, so that means conflict.



people trying to insult whites on tumblr be like
image"Is mayonnaise an insult?" 

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In addition to the traditional family being now officially protected by the Slovak constitution, a new campaign arose calling for a referendum further extending the protection of a traditional family but also children. The campaign collected 300 000 signatures out of the…



If white people really cared about equality they’d kill themselves.

good thing I don’t really care about equality. 

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"Conquer yourself, and the whole universe is yours."

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