How I feel as a white person on tumblr.


How I feel as a white person on tumblr.

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"Those who do not lood upon themselves as a link connecting the past with the future, do not perform their duty to the world". Daniel Webster

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You don’t have the right to complain about immigrants or immigration unless you are Native American. Cause as much as white people will say that their ancestors were here for generations, their white ass still immigrated from somewhere.

So shut the fuck up you hypocritical assholes.

Europeans are settlers not immigrants and we are under no obligation to hand over the country to anyone.



 SJWs will eventually eat each other.

And if they’re going after Laci “All Gender Differences Are Social Conditioning” Green, the table is being set sooner than I thought it would.

Bon appétit, bitches!

^^^ it’s so fun to watch 

feral fucking animals 


In the guise of combating racism and xenophobia, this doctrine encourages discrimination in favour of aliens, the dissolution of European identity, the multi-racialisation of European society, and, at root, paradoxically, racism itself.


Anti-racists use their fake struggle against racism to destroy the European’s identity, as they advance cosmopolitan and alien interests.

Anti-racism, moreover, translates into a racial obsession and contradicts itself, since its partisans deny the existence of races. In promoting open borders and dogmatically encouraging multi-racial society, anti-racists end up objectively provoking racism.

The dominant ideology imposes a quasi-religious anti-racist faith that promotes integration into its politically correct society. Anti-racism is quintessentially a form of intellectual terrorism. Whoever disapproves of immigration or affirms the superiority of European civilisation—and identity—whoever denounces the evils of multi-racial society, whoever observes the ethnic character of the growing criminal element—is demonised and branded by media, society, and the law as a “racist.”

Touchstone of the self-righteous, anti-racism is the most advanced expression of postmodern totalitarian ideology. It demonises all forms of rebellion and anti-system opposition. Similarly, it neutralises and keeps potential dissidents within the system’s ideological bounds. A certain intellectual Right, hoping not to alienate the ruling powers, has in this way been recuperated, marginalised, and subjected, losing in the process any hope of being publicly recognised. […] This egghead Right […] is not content with publicly declaring itself to be “anti-racist,” but goes so far as to denounce whoever publicly defends his European identity as a ‘racist.’ Incredible, but true.

This all goes to show the paralysing and integrative power of anti-racist dogma, which demands that its collaborators become informers—which probably isn’t a very sound calculation.


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i just.. i don’t even know what to say anymore